Machinery Moving

It's What We Do

ARS has been moving machinery for the last 25 years in the Chicagoland area. If you are moving your equipment because it simply needs to be relocated or if you are doing a whole plant relocation, we got you covered.

Why Choose Us?

1. Safety

Training, experience, and skill make the difference. ARS's certified riggers are all professionally trained through a Department of Labor certified school. Each of these trained riggers must acquire a set amount of hours to become a Journeyman. We use the best of the best to ensure safety and precision. ARS also has an excellent safety record for the last 25 years of business.

2. OSHA Regulations

Using ARS Certified Riggers for all your Machinery Moving, Rigging, and Critical Lifts will insure you are in compliance with OSHA "Qualified Rigger & Signal Person" requirements. ARS Certified Riggers have a superior training and certification program you can depend on to take the uncertainty out of rigger qualifications!

3. Insurance

We are fully insured for everything we handle – your equipment will be insured during transfer at our warehouse, dismantling, rigging, loading, during transit, unloading and re-erecting. We can also make arrangements for additional insurance if necessary.

4. Risk Management

ARS Certified Riggers rig, move & set equipment everyday! It’s the only work we do!! In fact, the union apprenticeship program ARS Certified Riggers participate in is the only program in the country specific to machinery moving and rigging.

5. Personnel & Equipment

We have the right personnel, equipment, and tools to handle any size project. Why settle for less? Choose the best! Let ARS handle all your moving, setting, and critical lift needs.

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