History & Capabilities

ARS Contracting, Inc. has been offering rigging, machine moving, storage and consulting services for 30 years. Our impressive team of rigging professionals is comprised of highly-experienced estimators, certified riggers, and machinery movers.  By using state-of-the-art technology and rigging equipment, we can professionally manage industrial, municipal, and commercial rigging projects of nearly any size and complexity. In addition to in-house staff, our team has built long-term relationships with highly-qualified, independent contractors so we can quickly expand to meet the needs for the largest projects.

ARS Contracting, Inc. certified riggers rig, move and set equipment every day.  This focused dedication is evident in the union apprenticeship program that we participate in, which is the only program in the U.S. specifically for rigging, machinery moving, and machinery erecting.

Above and beyond these credentials is our reputation for exceptional customer service and the unique ability to facilitate all aspects of complex projects in a smooth, efficient manner. Architects, manufacturers, city and business leaders know that our expertise directs every situation.  We can quickly understand and unify all elements of a complicated move to avoid potential impacts.   To stay ahead of the curve, we know that constant innovation is imperative. We continually observe our methods, study the industry trends, and continue to innovate and improve our business practices to remain a leader in the industry.

Our entire team is focused on quality customer service and we’re known for easing stress for all involved by quickly adapting to any curve balls on the job. Our vast experience and flexibility enable us to deliver projects on time and on budget for clients across the nation.  


Training, experience and skill are the foundation for operating safely. All of our certified riggers are professionally trained through a Department of Labor certified school and have achieved the hours and level to become Journeyman. 

Our safety record is one of the best in the industry, and our EMR number reflects that record with a score consistently at 1.0 or lower (currently at .82). First and foremost, we focus on the safety of everyone involved in the project, but we’re also dedicated to ensuring that our solutions and processes have a minimal impact on our crews and our clients’ facilities.

OSHA Regulations

By using ARS Contracting, Inc. certified riggers for all of your rigging and machinery moving projects, you’ll be in compliance with OSHA “Qualified Rigger & Signal Person” criteria. You can depend on our superior training and certification program to take the uncertainty out of any project.


ARS Contracting, Inc. is fully insured for everything we handle for every project. Your equipment will be insured during all aspects of the project, from start to finish, which includes: dismantling, transfer at our warehouse, rigging, loading, transit, unloading and re-erecting. We can also arrange for additional insurance, if needed.


George “Red” Gilmartin founded ARS Contracting Inc. in 1991 following years of working in diverse areas of the industry. With 43 years of experience, Red consults on the most complex projects across the U.S. and is relied on by clients to ensure that multifaceted projects are delivered with precision and minimal impact. His knowledge and experience are called on by small to large corporations, including many Fortune 100 leaders.

Sales /Estimator Team

Ted Bianchi

  • How long have you been in the machinery moving business?  25+ years   
  • How many years have you been with ARS Contracting, Inc?  Since 2005   
  • What excites you about the job? What is your favorite part?  “I really enjoy knowing that what we do matters. I have the opportunity to be involved in every industry/institution, so I am  able to see and be a part of a lot!”   
  • What is one piece of advice for someone new getting into this  business?  “Look. Listen. Learn.”   
  • What is a hobby of yours outside of ARS Contracting, Inc?  “Going out to eat and spending time with my loud family” 

Sean Gibbons

  • How long have you been in the machinery moving business?  “I have been in the construction industry for over 20 years on both sides of the Atlantic”
  • How many years have you been with ARS Contracting, Inc?  Since 2016
  • What excites you about the job? What is your favorite part?  “Being able to work with our rigging crews. The guys in the field are full of knowledge and have precise accuracy when on the job.  It’s fun to see them put their skills to work.”   
  • What is one piece of advice for someone new getting into this business?  “Listen to those who have experience with this kind of work.”    
  • What is a hobby of yours outside of ARS Contracting, Inc?  “Fly fishing”

Jeromy Bianchi

  • How many years have you been in the machinery moving business?  22 years full time  
  • How long have you been with ARS Contracting, Inc?  Since 2019
  • What excites you about the job? What is your favorite part?  “The nature of this business is exciting! Rarely are there two jobs that are the exact same. Figuring out the difficult jobs and then executing a plan perfectly with our team is what it’s all about.”
  • What is one piece of advice for someone new getting into this business?  “Do your work 100%. Nothing should be just good enough, complete it to the very best of your ability and if it is still not perfect, ask for help to make it perfect. Take your time, jobs like these take time.”   
  • What is a hobby of yours outside of ARS Contracting, Inc?  “I was an MMA fighter for many years. Currently looking for my next hobby.”

Dan Barton

  • How long have you been in the machinery moving business?  A total of about 17 years between rigging and machinery moving equipment rental and crane/industrial lifting equipment rental.”   
  • How many years have you been with ARS Contracting, Inc?  Since 2021  
  • What excites you about the job? What is your favorite part?  “Knowing your customers trust and rely on you for a solution to their job, and seeing those relationships that start out professional cross to great friendships as well.  My favorite part of the job?  Seeing any project come to life and be completed safely after all the careful planning ahead of time.”   
  • What is one piece of advice for someone new getting into this business?  “No matter how the day goes, the sun will always rise tomorrow and you'll keep moving forward.  Don't stress yourself out, own your mistakes, learn from them and make yourself better each day.”    
  • What is a hobby of yours outside of ARS Contracting, Inc?  “Spending quality time with my family, finding new places to camp during the summer, and cooking whatever I can outdoors on a grill or smoker.” 


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