Industries old

Architects & Engineers

Our team of professionals can work directly with architects and engineers to understand project details and plan each step of the process to ensure a smooth delivery and set up of equipment in any facility space.

Contractors – General, Electrical and Mechanical

Our expertise and up-to-date training enables our team to work with a range of contractors. We work with general contractors to assess the overall project and provide detailed plans to implement moves and set up equipment. 

Electrical – our team collaborates with electrical contractors on a variety of equipment moves including generators, switchgears, transformers and more.

Mechanical – Our experience with mechanical contractors extends to moves and set up of a variety of equipment ranging from boilers and chillers to cooling towers and more. 


Our team has successfully moved equipment for small and large medical facilities across the country. Moves have included MRIs, CAT/PET, generators, chillers and boilers.


Municipalities rely on our expertise for moves for schools, universities and government buildings

Building Owners & Facility Managers

ARS Contracting, Inc. coordinates facility relocations and equipment installations for properties across the country. We work with building owners and facility managers to plan every detail and execute each step within timelines and established budgets.


Manufacturers in every industry category have relied on our team for plant relocations and industry moves across the U.S.

Laundry Facilities

Our professionals have moved commercial equipment ranging from washers, dryers and irons to water and chemical tanks. 

Museums & Zoos

We completed moves of high value works of art and museum installations, plus zoo exhibits for organizations across the country.